Why not organise a display of fireworks?

Why not organise a display of fireworks?

You have something special to celebrate? You are planning an event for your company or your club and it should be special? You are looking for something spectacular or romantic? Have you thought about celebrating your special occasion with a great display of fireworks? We love fireworks! So do you? And your love, your friends or your clients will love it too, for sure. Everyone loves displays of fireworks. They shouldn’t happen only once a year, this great feeling of anticipation, people gazing up in the sky and then this lovely moments of joy when the fireworks start. We think displays of firework are great, and we think they should happen more often. But we are not talking about any kind of fireworks, it should best be a perfectly organised and magnificent firework display. And that’s what we are best in. We combine experience and passion to create the best displays of firework for you, whatever the occasion is.

Organise your display of fireworks with us

Our company Dynamic Fireworks is specialised in great displays of fireworks, traditional pyrotechnic as well as innovative indoor or hazard-free fireworks. Since 25 years we make people happy with amazing firework shows at public events, company celebrations or private occasions. We are very proud to have organised displays of fireworks for events like Prince Williams Graduation, BBC Children in Need and London River Thames. We also call several Football Clubs, like Ipswich Town Football Club, Colchester United Football Club and Leyton Orient Football Club our clients. And we are especially proud to repeatedly organise displays of fireworks for the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy. These were all traditional fireworks. More recently non-flammable technology that gives similar effects as traditional fireworks but works at lower heats and is hazard free become more and more popular. The advantage is that these new technology allows displays of fireworks to be shown inside, e.g. inside a circus and they can be used where normal fireworks are not allowed like maybe in a football stadium.  We have used this new technology to create amazing shows that satisfied our clients and all spectators just as much as normal fireworks would do. Examples are shows in the Manchester Arena, at the Table Tennis England event and at the Charity Darts Event feat. Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor and Wayne ‘Hawaii 501’ Mardle. But we do not only make shows for those large scale events, we also provide our service to smaller private or business occasions. We have done hundreds of firework displays for weddings, civil partnership ceremonies, anniversaries, business meetings and many other occasions. Whatever the occasion you are wishing a display of fireworks for we will definitely satisfy your wishes. Or do you plan to make a small firework display yourself and search for high quality products at a good price? Then you are again at the right place. We sell a wide variety of products for fireworks, such as:

  • Rockets
  • fountains and mines
  • Sparklers
  • candles
  • Chinese flying lanterns
  • and much more

You can check out our online store or come to one of our showrooms.

Rely on us for your perfect display of fireworks

Whether you want us to organise the perfect fireworks show for your private celebration, for a business occasion or a public event or you just want to buy secure, high quality products to create your own firework displays we are the right partner for you. For everything related to displays of fireworks -you can rely on us!

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