Tabletop food studio

Tabletop food studio

If you’re looking for an experienced tabletop food studio you can contact the production company Caramel Pictures. They are an award-winning studio in the Netherlands and active in creating and producing advertising content for television and new media. Especially the new media is leading nowadays. Their operations are usually localized in the regions Europe, North America and Latin-America en and also India. When they are making productions for their clients, they make sure the production is according to the products and clients needs. All will be performed according to the available budget that has been made available. As tabletop food studio it is the largest private studio in the Netherlands. Thanks to these facilities they are able to create the best production needed to promote your product. Check their website for more information about their work and creations. You will notice they are experienced in making productions for Food & Tabletop video productions. On their website you can see the video’s they created to promote the foodproducts of their clients. Immediately you see it is a kind of art you need an expert for. Caramel Pictures owns the experience, creativity and imagination to make the best video production of your food product in the tabletop food studio.

Tabletop food studio with dedicated experts

Next to the amazing experts working at Caramel Pictures they also own the latest technology to create the most advanced productions. Especially when it comes to food, advanced technology is essential. A production company like this tabletop food studio needs to be creative and inventive all the time. They make it possible thanks to:

  • In-house special FX
  • High speed cameras and robots
  • Post-production facilities
  • Three fully equipped production stages
  • A water tank
  • Lighting

All these high quality equipments are located in the largest private studios in the Netherlands to be the best tabletop food studio. The combination of the experts and all the advanced technology makes sure that the food can be processed in an inspiring video. Thanks to the high speed robotics they are able to make distinctive and exciting camera moves. The technology gives them the possibility to create the special effects that gives the videos the distinguished character. Of course nothing can be produced without the creative brains of the experts. That is why the combination of experts and technology are so special for the tabletop food studio of Caramel Pictures.

Projects to inspire

If you own a food company who is looking for a high quality production company for your videos, then the tabletop food studio of Caramel pictures is what you need. Thanks to their advanced technology they are able to make high quality promotion videos of your product. You can be sure the watchers will be inspired by the video made in the tabletop food studio. Next to that your food is made more attractive and more alluring. As tabletop food studio they made spectacle videos for familiar brands like:

  • Merci
  • Wherter’s Original
  • Coca Cola
  • Peijnenburg

The videos are available on the website All videos include amazing effects, lights and colors. Do you also want a video of your food product made by a dedicated high qualified production company? Then contact Caramel Pictures for an appointment. If you are as dedicated to your own product as they are in making the videos you certainly deserve to be one of their clients. As an experienced tabletop food studio they will know how to present the food of your company in a creative and inspirational way. When they create your promotion-videos, your product will be made more attractive for new clients.